The conspiratorial meeting in the evening

Program item 1: A fantastic project

Tension is in the air at the Diospi Suyana guesthouse in Lima. Nine people sit around a table in the dining room. Except for the speaker at the head and Doris Manco, all are successful entrepreneurs. For an hour, the images of a presentation fly across the bright yellow wall. Diospi Suyana emerged from nothing. A work that has become a blessing to countless people. The last six slides have it all. Now it’s about a big youth festival in Curahuasi.

Each of the ladies and gentlemen in the dim light of the small lecture hall has his own fascinating story to tell. They are all united by the conviction that faith in God must go beyond the small private framework of the living room at home. What a dream if 3000 young people or more spent four days together, where music, folklore, culture would form a homogeneous unit. – Under the heading of Faith.

We still have eight months left and we will need the help of companies, individuals and contacts to prepare this “Woodstock”. Perhaps on May 2, 2023, thousands of young people will return to their hometowns with the firm assurance that the empty tomb of Christ is the most exciting thing in the world. /KDJ

These six put in an extra shift after the meeting. The nice couple on the left runs a successful business in the field of “event management”.