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The case of the month – weight increase despite dieting

Gynaecologist Dr Jens Haßfeld relieves patient of 14.5 kg

Maria Huaman* is 30 years old and has two children.  She felt she was somewhat large and wanted to reduce her weight in a very disciplined fashion.  But irrespective of what she did, her tummy-circumference increased steadily and she became more and more frustrated.  Finally, on Monday she travelled 10 hours from Puno State to Curahuasi.  The diagnosis which was fairly similar to an advanced pregnancy was: a huge cyst on her right ovary.

On Sunday Dr Jens Haßfeld – with the support of assistant doctor Dr Weyler Masgo – performed the operation.  Via an abdominal incision the two gynaecologists drained 11litres of fluid after which they removed the tumour weighing 3.5kg.

Two days later the thankful patient could walk along the corridor.  We congratulate to this successful operation. (*Name changed)

The patient and her husband gave their explicit permission for us to make these photos public.