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The building report: short and sweet

May month-end

Dear Diospi Suyana Friends and building report readers, I hope you had a good Ascension Day and that many of you will be able to enjoy a relaxing long weekend.  You deserve it!  We have experienced a full working week that will end Saturday at noon.

To date most of the masonry works in the front section of the building have been completed.  Now only a few stiffening columns and some door- and window-frames in this area have to be encased and concreted.  Timing consuming fiddly work that one often underestimates.

The wide 3m extending balconies on the northern and western fronts of the building have been encased and the wickworkers have started putting the reinforcement down.

The encasing works for the next section of the ceiling (group rooms 2+3) are in full swing.  However, a lot of work still needs to be done before we can concrete the first section of the ceiling.

Till next week.  Sending you cordial greetings and wishing you God’s blessing, Udo

The installation wall between the toilets is being walled with hollow concrete blocks.
The toilet partition wall on the left has been built up high; in the rear you can see the encased lintels ready to be concreted.
Unloading the irons – a united effort.
Then they are pulled up onto the formwork before they are laid.
Champfer strips, window drains and drip moulds are nailed onto the edge of the balcony slab.
Laying the lower girders for the balcony slab.
Football is a favourite game played during lesson breaks.
The support frame for the wall in group room 3
In Peru the so-called “Dados concrete spacers” for the reinforcement cannot be bought in a hardware shop, but need to be concreted by hand.
Looking onto the building site on 28th May 2019.