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The biscuits are the best

In Peru one government crisis chases the next

Comercios, the most important newspaper in Peru, headline sums it up succinctly: “Guido Bellido resigns from being President of the Ministers’ Council after 69 days of chaos!”  After a mere two months the Prime Minister yielded to Head of State Pedro Castillo’s pressure into resigning.  He had heated arguments with other ministers, had secretly intrigued against the Peruvian President and challenged Congress.  Furthermore, his threats to nationalise a large company pushed down the value of the Soles and weakened the economy extremely.

At the newspaper stand nearest our Guest House I am handed the very last “Comercio” – namely the one used for advertising.  The lady behind the counter also gave me a large packet of biscuits free of charge that would normally cost 2 Soles in the supermarket.  Seen economically the transaction is a real bargain, but that is where the good news ends.

A new cabinet after two months.

The new Home Secretary Luis Barranzela is Cerrón’s, the head of the Communist Party, personal lawyer.  Vladimir Cerrón, General Secretary and strong man of the Party “Peru libre”, received 10 years of training in Cuba.  He must defend himself in court against charges of money-laundering and blackmail.  He founded the Mafia “Los Dinamicos del Centro” which played the major role in financing his election campaign; the means they used are dubious to say the least.  Interesting.

During the election campaign did not this political grouping promise to put an end to the corruption in our country once and for all?  But sadly the fox was left to guard then henhouse.

One must visualise what this means:  the lawyer of one’s own law-case is made Peru’s Home Secretary.

What a stunning move.  Thus, the next confrontation with Parliament is only a matter of time.

But things get even more remarkable:  the Communist governmental party “Peru libre does not support this choice.  Almost all delegates distanced themselves from their own President (Castillo).  They are especially annoyed that the Minister of Labour, Iber Maraví, has been replaced.  Right until the last moment the former terrorist of the terror organisation “The Shining Path” had refused to resign.  This week the majority of Congress would probably have kicked him out.  The Head of State tried to pre-empt this debacle by reshuffling his cabinet.

Peru is no small Caribbean island, but the third largest (by size) country in South America. One is truly surprised that with so much instability, disorder, perversion of justice and corruption the country is still pretty much up and running.  I repeat, the best thing about today are the biscuits I was given.  But reading the packet I realise how much sugar they contain; health experts would advise me to enjoy them in a restrained way./KDJ

The newspaper seller will sell all her newspapers today.  On the right one can see a man reading the cover story while he walks his dog (just outside of the picture).
First meeting of the new council of minister. Centre Head of State Pedro Castillo.  To his left the new Prime Minister Mirtha Vásquez.