The biggest report so far: Diospi Suyana in secular newspaper

Ärzte Zeitung with 6 pages about the initiators of Diospi Suyana

Journalist Dr. Thomas Meißner has been accompanying Missionary John for 17 years. In 2005, he wrote a page for Ärzte Zeitung about the Johns’ dream of starting a hospital in the Andes. Then, a good five years ago, there were two pages. In the current report, he brought it to six and a half. The medical historian from Erfurt works conscientiously. His research is thorough. He has read the books about Diospi Suyana and internalized many a TV report.

In his latest post, he asks the all-important question. How can we interpret the success of Diospi Suyana? In doing so, he quotes the Johns, who explain the whole fairy-tale development in terms of God’s blessing. Meissner says it is obvious even to secularist-minded people that a mountain was moved in the Andes in a figurative sense. Of course, faith gives an inner conviction and releases forces. But Klaus and Martina John go one step further. They claim that faith produces such “incredible” results because God acts in a real way.

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