The best place for an aerial Tower in Sicuani

So that 80,000 people can listen to our radio programme

After a five-hour journey through the mountains we have reached our destination.  50,000 Peruvians live in Sicuani, located in the South of Cusco State, and a further 30,000 in the neighbouring towns.  We bought a radio frequency a couple of months ago.  Now, once again a transmission tower needs to be erected up on high.

Building contractor Juan Talaverano is with us in our four-wheel drive.  If the village community gives us their green light, then he and his team will be able to start work.  That afternoon Dr John explained Diospi Suyana’s work to three local village heads.  We hope that a deal will be struck on Wednesday.

Yesterday evening Doris Manco, Juan Talaverano and Dr John looked for the best location on a nearby hill.  While the head of our Media Centre determined the GPS-coordinates, the missionary doctor called Chris Welch in Sydney via WhatsApp.  Without a question the location on the ridge is perfect, but the access presents a challenge.

Perhaps by Christmas we will be on air in the Canchis Province of which Sicuani is the capital.

The city of Sicuani nestles in the valley below.
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