The army is patrolling Lima’s streets

Crime overtaxes the police

The decision of the Peruvian Government is revealing.  Since the guardians of the law themselves say that they can no longer control what criminals and organised bands do, they have asked the army to sort it out.  For the next 30 days army ground troops will support the police in their activities.

Not at all conducive to public order was the decision taken by the Head of State to make Luis Barranzuela Home Secretary.  In his active time as a policeman Barranzuela received more than 150 bad behaviour warnings.  The Minister seems to have his issues with rules and laws.  On 31st October private celebrations were expressly prohibited due to the pandemic.  But one could hear blaring music coming from the Home Secretary’s house.  This most recent faux pas makes it hard for Prime Minister Mirtha Vásquez to survive the parliamentary vote of confidence that is scheduled for Thursday.

(Picture: RPP)