The Answer To Suffering: Help Alleviate

When Alberto was born, his parents were very happy. He was a healthy boy and the joy of the whole family. But then, at one of the health posts, little Alberto got a shot. Did the intern who gave him the shot know what he was doing? We don’t know but there were complications. Aberto was crying for days. His mom and dad realized that his development was no longer on track. They were worried. What had happened? At 10 years of age, he could not stand, nor walk; he could barely chew and only communicate with much effort.

Life can be so unfair. One person is well off, healthy and has no worries, another is poor, sick and suffers from pain. When we think of our patients’ misery, we could all fall into a deep depression. A better reaction however is to get up and help wherever possible. And that’s exactly what happened in regards to Alberto.


Dr. Heike Lindacher met Albeto when his dad carried the boy, who had a bad cold, to the hospital. She wanted to help, and so did the Minge family, who  organized three kids wheelchairs via facebook. Alberto received one of these valuable devices. Oebele de Haan went to work immediately and ensured that the chair fit Alberto perfectly. This was a big step forward for a child who can’t use his legs.

What does his father say about the suffering in his family? He is thankful to God for being able to experience His help even in the most difficult situations. To him, the wheelchair is another one of God’s gifts.

And what do I think? I am looking forward to a world, in which Alberto will be able to walk. Where neither he nor his parents will have to cry. It is the place where God will wipe away all of our tears. Where no baby will get a harmful shot and where suffering will be conquered. The bible calls this place Heaven. And John Lennon sang: "Imagine there is no heaven!" That’s a horrible thought. /KDJ

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