That’s what you call a radio supergau

This is not for the faint of heart

During these weeks, Diospi Suyana is broadcasting on nine FM frequencies in southern Peru. At around 12:30 noon on Saturday, exactly what radio experts consider the ultimate nightmare happened: From one moment to the next, all transmissions stopped. In five states, listeners to Diospi Suyana stations heard only a terrible hum.

Our employees feverishly searched for the cause. Was the breakdown due to a defective satellite transmission? Or was it a software problem in the studio? With the active support of Victor Moreno from Cusco, the technicians discovered the vulnerability. A defective cable in the technical room had caused the broadcasting break, which lasted several hours.

Now everything is back as it should be. Three more FM frequencies will be added in a few weeks. Then there’s even more at stake. And then when it blares on the radio, our people’s blood pressure is about to shoot up to 200. Not for the faint of heart.

(En la foto: Isaac Panes, Daniel Choqqe, Don Cesar y Don Sabino)

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