Step By Step Forwards

Yesterday, Silvia Riojas joined the Diospi Suyana team. She had

previously worked as a medical technician at a hospital in Huánuco.

This city is about 900 km north of Curahuasi. The pastor of her church

attended the Diospi Suyana hospital inauguration. When he returned

home, he passed on the information that the hospital was looking for

people to staff the labs. Señorita Riojas had been waiting for a

“call’ like this. Now, she is living in Curahuasi, and soon she will

be financially supported by a community in Peru and a sister community

in the US.

Señor Quispe recently gave us a call. My company ‘Chemsearch’ has all

products needed for the daily disinfection of the hospital, he said.

Today, he arrived and learned about the history of Diospi Suyana.

He wants to review our request for a donation and affordable long-term

conditions with his senior management team in Lima. We are looking

forward to finding out what the conclusion is.

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