A new challenge

A transport against the clock

It was unclear to the last, if the shipment would make it in time.  Hectic activities in the DHL-control centre in Hamburg and with Hiob International in Switzerland seemed to be in vain.  On Thursday 281 cupboards, tables and chairs waited on a loading ramp in Steffisburg, Switzerland for nothing.  But then everything changed.  On Friday headed by warehouse manager Paul Rüfenacht a team of Swiss helpers packed Container#61.

If the container reaches the CMA’s container ship in time, it could leave from Hamburg for Peru on 16th July.  If the ship reaches Lima on 11th August as planned and if it gets through customs quickly, which would be fantastic, then the furniture would arrive in Curahuasi in time for our big celebration on 31st August.

If, if, if.  As so often we can only hope and pray. /KDJ

Container#61 in Steffisburg, Switzerland.
On the last day of his holiday warehouse manager Paul Rüfenacht puts his back into it.
Conference chairs for the hospital extension.
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