Sowing the Seeds

On Sunday morning Dr John and Dr Keipi attended an international church in Helsinki. The 70 members are from Europe, Asia and Africa. Dr John gave a 10 minute talk about the missionary work in Curahuasi, Peru. He didn’t miss a stride when the laptop didn’t sync with the projector and therefore no photos could be used to illustrate his message.

In the evening Pastor Rauno Kokkola holds a service which is attended by 300 young people. Twenty years ago he started with a small group which has prospered and grown into what it is today.

Dr John gave the message in the evening, speaking on the topic of “Man’s search for God’s will”. Using the example of Moses who wandered in the desert for many years but it turned out to be a perfect training ground for the job that God had planned for him later in his life. One of the students, Anti Pertula, translated the message from English into Finnish. In October 2008 Anti heard a presentation about Diospi Suyana at a hospital in Kulmbach and it laid in his heart to bring the story of Diospi Suyana to Finland.

On Monday evening Dr John was invited to the home of the Keipis. Kari Keipi (who holds 2 PhDs) worked in Washington for many years at the “Inter-American Development Bank”. Now he sits in his kitchen entertaining guests. After the fruit, cheese and appetizers have been eaten, Dr John begins to share about his missionary work and the amazing story of Diospi Suyana. Following his talk, a “brain-storming” session quickly appears. The topic – “How can Diospi Suyana be publicized to the people of Finland”?

By the time the talk is over, it’s time for bed. The morning will come quickly and with it a long journey to the west of Finland where lies the Seinajoki Hospital.

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