Something That Will Stay With Them

Poverty and often alcoholism prevail in their homes. The Quechua children of the Peruvian Andes don’t have an easy life. They don’t experience much love and attention but surrounded by violence.

Through the Kids Clubs, Diospi Suyana offers these children an opportunity to play, do arts and crafts, listen to stories or play sports. The bible message that God loves you hits their hearts.

One of the Kids Clubs meets Thursday afternoons at 4pm. The kids are between 6 and 8. Claudia Nickel, a member of the nursing service, Ursula Lozano, a dentist, and Elsa, a staff nurse, are all heavily involved.

The last few times, they told the children about Noah and all the animals in the ark. If God takes care of us, then we are safe.

In 20 years, many of these boys and girls will think back to these Kids Clubs meetings with thankfulness and nostalgia. I am certain that with God’s help many a kid will find their way out of poverty.

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