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Some good news in the midst of so much bad news

Edmer T. can walk again

The 10th November 2019 was one of the worst days in Edmer’s life.  Having been involved in a severe motorbike accident his left leg had to be amputated from below the knee.  The 22-year-old was now totally dependent on crutches and spent most of his time in his wheelchair.  One cannot blame him that he started to get depressive.  It was a question that kept going round and round in his head: “What is my life still worth?”

His life reached another turning point almost exactly eleven months later.  On 12th October 2020 orthopaedic technician Daniel Müller applied an interim-prosthesis and Edmer cautiously took the first steps being carried by his own legs.  In the meantime he now is using his artificial limb as the permanent solution.  He seems to be transformed completely.  He is no longer dependent on the help of others and is now in the middle of his studies.  Looking at him you would not notice his disability.

“Which leg did his lose?” I asked the technician who has transformed so many sad faces into smiling ones by his skills.  “Left!” was his succinct answer.  Diospi Suyana’s orthopaedic workshop brings a lot of hope to the people living in Curahuasi, the surrounding mountainsides and further afield.  To those people who because they have lost a limb have also lost all hope.

Edmer T. upright and confident – thanks to Daniel Müller.