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Do these two really feel like home in Peru?

Rebecca Meininger and Leonie Hilliges out themselves with a daring statement

Now they have arrived, having spent many months striving towards the goal.  Nurse Rebecca from Erfurt and pharmacist Leonie from Monheim (NRW) have set their minds on spending three years of their lives working in a voluntary capacity at the Hospital Diospi Suyana, supported financially solely by their network of friends.

The first picture of the two of them in their new world shows the new arrivals standing under a sign: “Feel like home in Peru!”

It is a daring statement.  Bearing in mind the Peruvian poverty and misery it is a real challenge for Europeans or US-Americans to feel really at home here.  It is one thing exploring the touristic sights like Machu Picchu during a holiday, but quite another investing several years of one’s life for the Mountain Indians.

But somehow Rebecca and Leonie are right.  The two devout Christians see their time at Diospi Suyana as a calling from God.  Jesus did say: “What you have done to the least of my brothers, you have done to me!”  And wherever we live out this calling we are in the right place and thus at home.

We wish the two ladies a blessed start in the Andes and are delighted that they have finally arrived.  Thumbs up!!

Feel like home in Peru!