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Radio Diospi Suyana

Siemens Healthcare GmbH keeps our blood gas analyser up and running

Saving lives together – especially in the pandemic

For years Asta Kathryn Kehm (right in the above picture) has been working as a business manager.  At Siemens Health Care GmbH she heads the urinary diagnostic, diabetes and obstructive pulmonary disease department.  Recently she and her boss Vladimir Kovalev heard Diospi Suyana’s story.  They met missionary doctor Klaus John at an event entitled “Open ears and open hearts” in a large conference hall on 3rd February.

This morning the first blood gas analysis tests were officially delivered.  The German company will provide the Hospital Diospi Suyana with the so-called “Epoc-cards” that are indispensable for the intensive medical care for ventilated patients.

A large company is as altruistic as its staff.  Companies are constantly flooded with donation requests.  A further reason to express a heartfelt thank you to CEO Dr Schütte and his team.

Doctors and nurses in distant Peru have reason to be delighted for such support, as can our patients!

Mrs Asta Kathryn Kehm (right) smiles into the camera, while Dr John holds up a treasure chest that is more valuable for our patients than pure gold.