Seven good friends support Diospi Suyana

Exemplary lifestyle

Our seven alpacas help the gardeners mow the lawn. Their work is done on a voluntary basis, i.e. without any payment. They work even after hours without grumbling. With their exemplary lifestyle, you could almost call them missionaries. They do not riot and are committed to the idea of peace. Everyone who sees her is pleased with her friendly demeanor.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the political ruling class. Yesterday, the prosecutor’s office arrested several people close to the president. His sister-in-law has gone into hiding, as has his nephew. The head of government is now under official investigation. The accusation is that he himself runs a criminal organization. Yesterday, the media published a chart that puts him and his family at the center of the corrupt machinations.

In a speech to the nation, Pedro Castillo presented himself as a victim of the prosecutor’s office, the media and parliament. He did not respond with a syllable to the long list of accusations and charges. No less than three key witnesses from the president’s inner circle are now cooperating with the prosecution.

The future remains uncertain. It is possible that the president will dissolve parliament and become a dictator in order to prevent further investigations. But his popular support is waning. Three-quarters of Peruvians are now calling for his resignation. Not a nice topic. We’d rather talk about our alpacas again.