Secretary of Health on site

Yesterday the distinguished visitor travelled all the way to Curahuasi where the construction work for the mission hospital started on 24 May this year.

Diospi Suyana maintains excellent contacts with the Health Ministry in Lima.

In the first picture (click back to home news) the mayor of Curahuasi is to the left of the “Ministra”. Dr. José Lizarraga and Dr. Allen George, Sekretary of Diospi Suyana-Peru are standing on the right hand side.

In the second picture the spouses Dr. Amy und Dr. Allen George are having a good time with the Ministra. Over the past 3 years the Georges have been instrumental in all negotiations with local authorities on behalf of Diospi Suyana.

With the beginning of August the directorate of the planned mission hospital will negotiate a contract with the Health Ministry about long term financial contributions from the Peruvian government.

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