Six Citizens of Paraguay in Curahuasi

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No trace of greed, just good

A group of young people from Paraguay had heard of Diospi Suyana months ago and a last week, appeared on the scene. They became involved with theater performances in the morning services and helped out in children’s clubs in the afternoons. Before leaving yesterday they saw a PowerPoint presentation on the history of Diospi Suyana. “We want to contribute!” said the leader of the group, Mario Enns. “We have over $1,500 that we would like to donate to the work of Diospi Suyana!”

They could have used the money for themselves, three days of partying at the beach, or a luxury train ride through the mountains of Peru. But no, they want to donate it. It gives the small group greater satisfaction to give, than to receive. And their actions show that the six have made a decision to live out what they believe. We want to say thank you and wish the young people of Paraguay a safe return trip to their home country.

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Mario and Christine Enns in center and Rodney Derksen, Christian Neufeld, Steffi Ekkert and Marina Portman
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