We have waited for this for six years


Diospi Suyana is finally listed in the Register of Religious Institutions

It was Alan Garcia’s final decree.  In July 2011 he signed a document, which made it impossible for any church-like organisation with less than 10,000 members to be registered as a religious institution with the Ministry for Justice.  At the time the speculations were rife about which lobbies stood behind this law.  The Peruvian organisation Diospi Suyana can boast 5 members.  Not having this registration made all interaction with the public authorities more difficult and more expensive.

During the presidency of Ollanta Humalas some officials succeeded in clandestinely changing this law.  The result is positive for Diospi Suyana.  Since the 5th January we are listed in the Register of Religious Institutions with the Ministry of Justice.  It won’t be long until we help our new volunteers navigate more easily and cheaply through the Peruvian bureaucracy.

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