School Project Update

Dear Friends of Diospi Suyana!

This week was rather uneventful. The sky is blue – no clouds. It is nice and warm, sometimes even hot, but as of 5pm it usually cools down considerably. As always during this season, the slashing and burning taking place in the "selva" (jungle), is noticeable and we can hardly see the snow covered mountains.


The work for Buildings 5 and 4 is progressing nicely. The ground level walls of Building 5 are growing. All free standing pillars have been poured, and we are currently working on getting in the supports for the walls and windows. And, if the PERI materials arrive as promised on August 15, we can start working on the ceiling.


The foundation for Building 4 has been laid and the ground beams are being finished. Due to a resource and space issue, we didn’t excavate additinal foundation space for Building 3.

Greetings and a blessed weekend,.


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