School construction: we are working on all the buildings

My dear friends of Diospi Suyana, We are still having many problems with sending emails. Most of the workers and are using the GMX server and for two days now we haven’t been able to sign on to send emails. Of course, this slows down our office work.

The interior walls of the administration building are finished, so we are continuing to work on the exterior walls. What we need for the moment are the rain gutters and drain pipes, but the rest of the roof is finished. On the first floor we are beginning the concrete work. The outer railings are in place and now the locksmiths and metal workers are working on the stair railings.

The work on the tiling is going slowly because we are hoping for and counting on a donation from the Peruvian company CELIMA. Therefore, we are only making purchases in small quantities. Since the three workers putting floor tiles down are our specialists in tiling, we can accept this situation as it is for the moment.

The main walls are ready on the coliseum, and so the workers played the first informal soccer (football) game last Wednesday at 5:00 p.m.  Everyone was very excited to play. We are almost finished with the walls of the dressing area of the coliseum. We are filling the supports of foundation of the coliseum.

We have dug the basement of the preschool and the majority is filled with cement too. The main beams of the foundation are arriving every day.

 The construction team wishes you a blessed weekend.


Johannes + Udo


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