Scandal! A Corpse is Missing!

Whether or not the soldiers assigned to guard the tomb were dismissed due to apathetic officiating, we will never know. However, the news of the resurrection of Christ has been carried around the world.

Is the hope of everlasting life only a part of “wishful thinking”? We know that the end of every life is always a tragedy. Is our faith just an attempt to grasp at some understanding to the end of life?

The fact is, that people report throughout history and on every continent, stories of how Jesus has touched their lives.

Diospi Suyana can also tell many stories that point to the evidence of a risen Lord who still works here in the 21st century. Just look back through the 1000 news items on our web page. You will not be able to deny the influence of a “higher power” directing the work.

Warning! – the adventures of Diospi Suyana are exciting! We recommend you first take a tranquilizer before starting to read. Then settle in comfortably as we estimate the reading time needed to be approximately 3 days!!

One thing is certain – the tomb of Jesus is empty – in what turned out to be the most infamous scandal in all of history!

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