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Saved when in dire need

Richard and Rita Portwood live near Nottingham. Despite their age, they are real Diospi Suyana activists. Among other things, they have arranged several presentations for me in their area. Several times I was allowed to accept their hospitality. Rita Portwood told me a story from her childhood. Let me recount this event.

FLASHBACK: Rita lives with her parents and her brother in the county of Northampton. She is seven years old and the world is, for the little girl, still perfectly alright. She goes for a walk with her brother across the fields. But then she wants to go home. So she is alone on the way home. About a kilometer from home she meets an unknown man who tells her “I know a much better way to go home!” The stranger says. “I’m going into the bushes and when I am out of sight you follow me!” The seven year old thinks no evil of it and waits for the man to disappear behind the bushes. Suddenly, she hears a clear inner voice: “Don’t go!” Now, Rita is nervous and runs the known route home.

At home she tells her parents what happened.  They enquire in the neighborhood and come to the realization, that the man in the bushes is a known child molester. Many years have passed since that incident. But Rita still remembers this cautionary voice in her ear. “Don’t go!” Rita is a committed Christian and she has no doubt that God saved her from harm with this statement. / KDJ

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