Ricardo Marquez’s Story

I was in a taxi traveling from the south of Lima to north Lima – a journey which normally takes about 30 minutes. I recognized a Bible lying on the front seat of the car and within 10 seconds I found myself in deep conversation with the taxi driver.

Ricardo is 47 yrs old (the same age as me), but his life in Lima has been vastly different to mine in Europe.

Ricardo began to tell me his story, “For 7 years I took drugs – marihuana and crack (cocaine). One day I took too much and I overdosed. I felt like I was dying so I dragged myself to my mother’s house”.

“Was she able to help you?”, I asked.

“Not, not her.” he replied. “But she called 3 women who she know well. They were missionaries – 2 Germans and a Swiss woman. When the 3 women saw how I was they moved me near to a window and told me I should wait and look up to the heavens. They then moved away and began to pray for me.”

“How long did they stay praying for you?” I asked.

“Actually, they prayed the whole day – so about 9 hours!”

“And did something happen? Were you better after that?”

“Since that day, I have never again used drugs. The experience totally changed me and I am now a converted Christian. For me, my faith has become the most important thing in my life.”

“So then, how does your life look now?”

“Well, I’ve been drug-free for 23 years. I’m married and my wife and I have 3 children. Also, I’m making a living as a taxi driver!”

When I asked Ricardo if I could published his story, he readily agreed. Actually, 1 week ago a different taxi driver told me a very similar story. Two lives, 2 drug addicts, 2 amazing healings. Both are convinced that Jesus Christ changed their lives.

(This conversation with Ricardo took place on Friday, January 18th in Lima)

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