Travel Plans to Australia

Landkarte Australien Osten

It’s about time

From the 23rd of October to the 10th of November, Dr. John is expected to travel to Australia to present Diospi Suyana to churches, schools, and clubs.  Through the book I Have Seen God, the story of the mission hospital in Curahuasi has penetrated the 5th continent.  The first presentation will take place around Sydney.  If you have contacts in eastern Australia, we look forward to their assistance.

On Monday, the missionary doctor flies back to South America.  The tour of Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, and Austria came to an end on Friday night.  The 27 public presentations were very well attended with more than 2,500 participants.  Although Diospi Suyana does not ask for donations, the audiences gathered around 20,000 euros for the work in Peru.  Each evening the audience felt the spark and believed the message that “God is real and it pays to trust in Him!”

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