Question: What are key people?

Let deal with them separately. Petra Höfer not only performs an excellent work in the Laboratory, but she is also an X-Ray Technician. In addition, she looks after the visitors in the hospital and in her free time she is involved in a women’s group.

Stefan Höfer is oversees the Intensive Care Unit as well as the Emergency Department. He also lends his extensive knowledge as an instructor. As if that weren’t enough work, he is now acting as a Purchasing Officer for the hospital.

Perhaps you are assuming this couple is earning a top salary paid by Diospi Suyana. However, they are actually volunteers in the hospital, living off donations from a private circle of supporters.

The Höfers are committed Christians who by the way, can lead very good devotions! I’m sure you agree with us that this kind of people should stay with us for many years.

Definition of a “key person” = a person that cannot be replaced = Stefan or Petra Höfer

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