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Quarantine impeded treating a clubfoot

Unfortunately a lot of time was lost

The little girl is 1¾ years old.  In the past her clubfoot was treated with three plaster casts that gradually corrected the malposition.  The initial results were extremely promising.  Two more would have been needed and the goal of the therapy would have been reached.  But then because a quarantine was imposed due to the pandemic her parents were no longer able to bring her to the Hospital Diospi Suyana.  This means that she sadly has to start her treatment all over again.

A big thank you to occupational therapist Susi Rottler and x-ray team-member Don Juvenal and Melanie Friesen.  They took a big breath and started their work all over again.

The family in question lives four hours by car from the missionary hospital.

Ideally this would have been the fourth plaster cast.  Unfortunately it became the first.