Providing Medical Care In Pampahura

Last Friday, 17 Diospi Suyana staffers headed out to Pampahura, where they would spend the next two days, examining and providing medical care to about 150 patients. Pampahura is a Quechua village located about 3 hours from Curahuasi.

Diospi Suyana teams set out on such village visits on a regular basis. These visits are an important sign of our solidarity with the poorest of the poor. Screening exams can help us detect serious conditions and filter out patients that need to be sent to the hospital for further care.
When visiting a village, we also offer a program for kids as well as health eduction.

For our new staffers from abroad these trips are often an eye opener, calling attention to the difficult living conditions of the Quechua. The sad realities of adobe huts without window panes, without electricity, without water and a sewage system can here be experienced first hand.

This group excursion provides the Diospi Suayna staffers with a shared experience that many will remember for the rest of their lives.The trip through the mountains is quite an ordeal. Especially during the rainy season, this expedition comes with a risk of injury.

The medical care we provide is rather basic without x-ray and lab equipment. At the same time, we need to ensure that our village visits don’t decrease the hospital staff to such an extent that patients coming to the hospital have to be send home.