Project week at the Diospi-Suyana School

There were no limits to creativity

On Thursday, the annual project week of the Diospi Suyana School came to an end. All students in grades 1 through 11 engaged in 17 topics offered. The upper picture shows environmentally friendly energy generation through hydropower. The ideas were bubbling. There was no lack of enthusiasm. Parents, teachers and the students themselves were amazed at the successful results.

The exhibition created publicity and promoted the Colegio Diospi Suyana. A thank you to all the contributors. /KDJ

Puppets almost as big as the students themselves
Fashion show: Country typical costumes from recycled material
Own designs for T’shirts
Right on the bar in the ready-made clothing store
Rhythmic gymnastics
Report of the students after an internship at the Hospital Diospi Suyana.
This working group made from milk yogurt, cheese and other products. Everything was very tasty.
Astronomy – planetary systems from styrofoam balls
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