Progress To Be Happy About

Dear Friends of Diospi Suyana,

The second week after the inauguration festivities is almost over. Since our financial means are still quite meager to start any of the bigger outstanding projects, we are finishing up those jobs for which we still have supplies and materials on site.

We are making changes in the kitchen so the donated furniture will fit. The library and laundry facilities, which were used for storage, have been emptied and are being tiled.

The colored glass windows in the church are finished and we started to work on the ceiling – again a somewhat dangerous job, so please pray for us that we will finish our work without any accidents. The electricians continue to put in lamps and x-ray screens, the plumbers adjusted the water pressure and the carpenters are still busy with the door production.

Outside, we are laying concrete for the sidewalk along the hospital driveway. And, on the Southern slope we are installing an drainage ditch.

This is the news from Curahuasi. May God bless you!


Additional news:

The Peruvian telecommunications company IMPSAT will provide 8, instead of previously promised 2, telephone lines. The usage will be free of charge. Furthermore, Señor Pasalaqua confirmed that the company will also help with setting up an internal phone system.

The furniture sent from Switzerland, has made it through customs and is expected to arrive in Curahuasi this weekend.

The Envirolab lab has offered to do comprehensive water analyses free of charge, after hearing one of Dr John’s presentations.

After the inauguration 8 Lima TV programs reported on the festivities. 6 of the reports were broadcasted nationwide.

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