Principle of hope: Also in the preparations for the youth festival

We have just under four months left until X day

All Diospi Suyana projects have a lot to do with impossibilities. Or, in other words, with lack of opportunities. During the construction phase of the hospital, we had to transfer an amount of 100,000 USD to the construction company month after month. Miraculously, donations trickled in in full by the end of the month. 22 times in a row. Construction never came to a halt.

To our knowledge, there has never been a youth festival in Peru with thousands of participants over several days. The hurdles that still lie ahead are formidable. Will we have eight well-known music groups from the Latin American world in the program? Only God knows. Will all logistical problems be solved? With God’s help, certainly. And will 3000 or 4000 young people show up in Curahuasi at the end of April? The future will tell.

Without hope, without faith, and without God’s protection, nothing will work in this endeavor either. So it remains exciting until the last minute. Then the lights go on and the first band hits the keys. /KDJ

Caption: On the pictures you can see that a part of the festival area is already greened.

The main gate is built here. Three gates are provided.
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