Out of the hand of Curahuasi’s mayor

Auf der Station mit Preis

Official recognition for Diospi Suyana

For this year’s festivities in Curahuasi, the mayor Ingeniero Danilo Valenza came up with something special by bringing an old tradition back to life.  He awarded with the golden anise leaf (anis de oro) being the acknowledgement of special accomplishment to twelve individuals and seven institutions.  One of the honoured institutions was Diospi Suyana.

Tina und Alcalde mit Preis teaser
The mayor reads the certificate of honor for Diospi Suyana capturing the attention of Dr Martina John (right).

In a festive act, Dr Martina John accepted the award.  In her short speech she mentioned that only a few Diospi Suyana employees originate from Curahuasi, but that all of them are Curahuasinos by heart. The next day the staff on ward and the entire medical team were beaming from being awarded the medal, the certificate and the golden anise leaf. Of course this kind of honor motivates further works.

Doctores mit Preis slider
Great joy among the missionary doctors
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