Peruvian Trademark and Patent Office (Indecopi) condemns private clinic Hampina Wasi

Unauthorized appropriation of the Diospi Suyana logo

Four long years of investigations and hearings had dragged on. Now the Peruvian Trademark Office has decided. The owner of the Hampina Wasi private clinic in the city of Andahuaylas has been fined 13,600 soles (€3400). The medical facility had been misusing the Diospi Suyana logo for several years to attract patients.

The legal situation is explained in detail on 20 pages. In addition to the penalty, Hampina Wasi must immediately remove all logos with similarities to the emblem of Diospi Suyana. If convicted physician Berchmans Calligros appeals, the trial will be further delayed, but the final outcome should still be determined.

We would like to thank the attorneys at the Estudio Olaechea law firm who so successfully represented Diospi Suyana. /KDJ

An excerpt of the first page. In total, Indecopi’s explanatory memorandum comprises 20 pages.
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