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Radio Diospi Suyana

Peruvian President declares state of national emergency

Borders are closed – curfew

At 8p.m. last night in his address to the nation that was broadcast live by TV Head of State Martín Vizcarra declared the state of national emergency.  The number of people infected with the Corona virus has trebled over the past two days.  But irrespective of this fact many Peruvians still celebrate the usual seasonal Carnival-festivities.

A country-wide curfew with immediate effect has been put in place.  The population is urged to stay at home.  The police and the military patrol the streets to ensure compliance.

This state of emergency is limited for 15 days, initially.

At the Hospital Diospi Suyana we will of course continue treating emergency cases.  Our media centre will also fulfil its information duty by keeping its radio and TV-programmes running.

Please pray that we will take the necessary and correct measures.  Thank you. /KDJ