Peruvian head of state received missionary doctors John and Dr. Thomas Tielmann

The audience with the president Dina Boluarte Zegarra lasted an hour

Just one day after the 500,000th patient was treated at the mission hospital, a meeting took place in Lima’s government palace between the head of government, Dina Boluarte, and a delegation from Diospi Suyana. The meeting took place at the Salon Mariscal Avelino Cáceres. The Minister of Health Dra. Rosa Gutierrez Palomino and the Director General of Peruvian Insurance Hospitals were also present. Dr. Morgan Niccolo Quero, Chief of the Cabinet of Technical Advisors, was in charge of the protocol.

In his presentation, Dr. Klaus John took the audience through the past 20 years. The existence and success of the hospital is a clear indication of the reality of God, he said.

The president said she had heard many good things about Diospi Suyana Hospital for many years. She would like to visit the hospital in Curahuasi. As a result of the meeting, further meetings with representatives of the government were agreed.

In politically uncertain times, yesterday’s audience was a great blessing from God. A special thank you to journalist Gerardo Nuñez, who has patiently threaded the audience over the past few weeks.

Dr. Klaus John explained the vision of Diospi Suyana with about 200 pictures. The head of state sat at the head end.
President Dina Boluarte at the head. On the left in the red dress, Peru’s Minister of Health Dra. Rosa Gutierrez Palomino. To her right, Chief of the Technical Cabinet Dr. Morgan Niccolo Quero. Far right: Dr. Ivan Pereyra Villanueva, Director General of the State Insurance Hospitals. The delegation from Diospi Suyana sat on the opposite side of the table. It consisted of Dr. Thomas Tielmann, Dr. Martina John and Dr. Klaus-Dieter John.
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