Peruvian Agency Releases Container With Donations

It is hot in Lima. Yesterday evening, the Peruvian TV Channel 2 called to let us know that they wanted to cover our dealings with Peruvian government agencies in their Sunday news show.

That same day Peru’s most important paper "El Comercio" had covered our struggles with Peruvian agencies. And, the Peruvian TV channel 5 had told us that they were planning on broadcasting a story about our issues that night.

In his meeting with DIGEMID, a Peruvian Department of Health agency, the Dr. John emphasized that the Diospi Suyana hospital is the only hospital in Peru that treats the poor, which was the reason the hospital administration expected cooperation from the officials. At the end of the meeting, the officials informed the missionary doctor that the dental supplies donation would be completely released.  What lead to the change of mind? 

– People from all Christian faiths all over the world were praying for Diospi Suyana. – About 3000 emails from about 20 countries were sent to the Peruvian Secretary of Health.

– Peruvian media outlets (print media as well TV) were in support of us and actively helped us, especially Renato Canales.

– The German Embassy also helped by meeting with the Peruvian Department of Health. SOLI DEO GLORIA!

As he was leaving, Dr John said to the director of DIGEMID: When I arrived in Peru 10 years ago, I was young man with brown hair. Now, I feel old and my hair has turned gray.

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