Pentax: A giant leap forward

Perhaps it was instinct that drove Dr John to attend the carols of the Magdeburg Cathedral Choir in Hamburg. To fit in with the mood of the day, it began to snow heavily.

Meanwhile, his visit with the Pentax Europe Company exceeded all expectations. The General Manager (for Europe) was very touched with the presentation from the mission doctor and decided to donate an entire video-unit including 2 gastroscopes, 2 colonoscopes, a monitor and light source to the Hospital Diospi Suyana. For those who don’t know, this equipment will enable the doctors to examine both the stomach and the large intestine. Indeed, the value of this equipment is more than just a few pennies.

We owe Mr. Albrecht a warm thanks for this decision. And if you happen to here some faint shouts of glee in the background, you might just be hearing the response from some of the hospital’s personnel in Peru!

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