Passion play group Dirgenheim helped Diospi Suyana

Dr. Jens Haßfeld accepted the check

Enthusiasm is a phenomenon like chicken pox. You can catch it on the fly, so to speak. Recently, the head of our nursing service, Sabine Teichert, took part in a self-defense course in Bopfingen. A good idea, because as a boss you want to be able to assert yourself with authority and – if necessary – muscle power. It wasn’t long before Sabine had infected her instructor on the mat a certain Hilda Kaufmann from Diospi Suyana. She in turn put Sabine in touch with Elke Dauser. The committed woman from Baden Württemberg is not just anyone, but a pillar of the Catholic Passion Play Group Dirgenheim e. V.. The rest is anybody’s guess.

The purpose of the association is not only the presentation of the Passion of Christ, but also the promotion of needy groups of people and social institutions. The result was a generous donation to Diospi Suyana. During the presentation of the press check, Dr. Jens Haßfeld reported on the daily work of the mission hospital in the mountains of southern Peru. Our thanks to all who contributed to this successful action.

Chickenpox is known to itch, and those who are thrilled, itch their fists. /KDJ

A lecture about Diospi Suyana by former deputy hospital director Dr. Jens Haßfeld
Elke Dauser from the Dirgenheim Passion Play Association presents Dr. Hassfeld with a check for 2,500 euros.



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