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Director of the Evangelical Church Council in Peru hoping for early implementation of building plans

In an email, Dr. Victor Arroyo, Director of the Evangelical Church Council in Peru (CONEP), expressed his desire that the plans for the hospital project in Curahuasi, Peru be implemented soon.

Telephone system donated

On June 2, 2004, Tetronik, a Taunusstein-based company, donated a modern digital telephone system...

”Thank God” – Rhine-Main TV

On Sunday, June 27th, Drs. John fielded questions and answers on the “Thank God” program.

Diospi Suyana in Washington

On May 8th. 2004 there was a special opportunity to present the Diospi Suyana project to representatives of the German Embassy, the Konrad Adenauer Foundation and the InterAmerican Development Bank in Washington. The contacts made could be useful in the financing of the hospital.
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There is Hope for You

You are more than a speck of dust aimlessly floating in the universe. The history of Diospi Suyana indicates that there is a Higher Power. The Bible says that a person's value is the love of God. For many, this sounds too good to be true.

The Story of Diospi Suyana

What has began in the lives of Klaus and Martina John has developed into a ministry with 250 coworkers and supporters from all around the world. Please read the story from Dr. John’s perpective.

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Personal Experiences

What inspires a European nurse or an American doctor to leave the comforts of home and move thousands of miles to Peru? By reading the stories of our missionaries you will find passion and commitment.

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Call it a Miracle

Some call it chance, some call it destiny – but we believe that the hand of God can intervene in anyone’s life in extraordinary ways. The following narratives may challenge your perception.

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Changed Lives

Nothing is more impressive than people who overcome an impossible situation. The following stories offer the certainty that there is always hope by trusting God.

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Your Donation will be a Blessing

Diospi Suyana wants to offer comprehensive care to the Quechua people of Peru. Therefore, our association founded a mission hospital, initiated community clubs for children, and established a modern school. Diospi Suyana pursues exclusively charitable and religious causes.


  • I live in Delhi, India. I just heard about you mission in a report on DW TV. I wish you all the best. I would like to try to help you and would love to know what contribution I can make.

    Varun G.
    from India
  • I had you book with me (over the Christmas holidays). Once I started reading I simply could not put it down and had to finish it. I have no words to describe this work (Diospi Suyana).

    Hector D.
    from Peru
  • Once I started reading the book “I have seen God” I could not put it down; it read it day and night.

    from Germany
  • I congratulate you to your work. I am a lecturer at the medical faculty of Javeriana University in Bogota. I would like to support you…

    Nancy L.
    from Columbia
  • I watched Deutsche Welle‘s programme about your hospital and am totally fascinated… my heartfelt congratulations! You have awakened in me the hope that people do still exist who are motivated by their convictions and not by money.

    Maria A.
    from Chile
  • Deutsche Welle’s report about Diospi Suyana is an important contribution. I hope it will inspire many people to learn more about Diospi Suyana’s history and vision.

    Joshua S.
    from England
  • I read “I have seen God” during my Christmas break! It is incredible but I repeatedly laughed, cried, laughed – in tears. Over the past few weeks I have not laughed as much as when I was reading this book. It encourages my faith and challenges me! The title is well chosen.