Our Finances – It Doesn’t Get More Exciting Than This

Principle #1: We don’t go into debt.

Principle #2: The monthly donations dictate the speed of the construction

Beginning of last week, the construction company Constructec sent us an invoice for $108,000. However, on Monday, March 27th, we were still short of this by $32,000.

We told the company that we would send the full payment to Peru on April 5. A week ago, we were still $25,000 short. Diospi Suyana puts its trust in God, but the construction requires a lot of money in timely fashion.

The excitement continued: The following Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday, we received 235 donations amounting to $25,854.

As promised, we will transfer the money today. Diospi Suyana will stay debt free and, in fact, we have paid 40.7 % of the estimated construction costs.

Now, we are raising the next $100,000 because the next payment is due in about 4 weeks. A wise man once said: The man who is walking with God, is walking along a cliff.

Image 1 & 2: Our accounts at midnight: €231 and €0.49.

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