Open-air-Christmas-party in the Amphitheatre

A thanks to God and all members of staff

Yesterday 250 staff members of the hospital and the Media Centre celebrated the annual Christmas-party.  Together with a team of volunteers Jenny Frank had organised the event.  As is his wont Dr Jens Haßfeld led through the programme.  In his 2021 review Dr John mentioned five events that would have been unthinkable without God’s intervention.  He thanked all Peruvian colleagues and missionaries from overseas for their selfless service.  Love and faith are the distinguishing features of Diospi Suyana which is why patients come from near and far to Curahuasi.  Five members of staff were honoured for their outstanding performances.

Doris Manco, head of the Media Centre, delivered a sermon on the nativity story.  Christ’s birth gives us the assurance and the power to love and forgive in freedom.  After the sumptuous turkey supper Father Christmas (Sabine Teichert) and Farmhand Rupert (Marion Hofmann) appeared, chiming in pressie time.

For next year we plan to celebrate with the staff of the Diospi-Suyana-School. We trust that Corona’s Omega-variant will let Christmas parties take place.

Don Diego at the guitar. Jenny Frank (left) had coordinated the event.
Rebecca Meininger (left) and Dr. Natascha Lopata guarantee the hand disinfection at the entrance.
Some rocky music to get the party going.
Dr Jens Haßfeld (left) was the moderator for the evening.
The audience sat adhering to Covid-rules.
Dr Klaus-Dieter John gives the usual annual review.
Don Honorato from the laboratory team is honoured for his exceptional efforts.
Thanks and recognition also for Srta. Yaneth Benites. She works in an exemplary way in the security staff team. Dr Martina John (right) hands over the present.
Doris Manco, head of the Media Centre, delivers the evening sermon.
Father Christmas and Farmhand Rupert appear on stage.  Those who were good this year are delighted, those who were not, …!!!
The baked turkeys arriving at the hospital during the afternoon.
The banquet tasted exquisitely.
Heavy laden Claudia Hugo heads towards the exit.  Farmhand Rupert had distributed all presents fairly.