One, two, three, four, five, six defibrillators

The early wake up call this morning was startling, but full of good news.

Detlev Hofmann is ringing and announces “I have found a Philips defibrillator that is only 2 years old!” At midday I give a presentation to the owner of the Hissan medical company in Frankfurt. After my talk Tomas Hissin asks me, “What do you need?” and I reply “Defibrillators!” He tells me “I’ll give you 3!” bringing our total to 4 machines in just 1 day.

However, also present at the meeting is a representative of the “Zoll” company. Mirko Dunse is an avid Diospi Suyana supporter and tells me, “I will get you another 2 Defibrillators!” And so the number goes up to 6 machines in 1 single day. This is an amazing result when you consider that we have been looking for a defibrillator for months now. KDJ

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