Once MOT and back

Foot the bill – and ask no questions

Once a year the Revisión Técnica (MOT) is due, even if the Peruvian standards differ from the European ones.  Still the whole process is quite a to do.  One needs four hours to drive from Curahuasi over the mountain pass to Abancay, continuing on towards Lima and back again.  The MOT costs 120 Soles (USD30).  Looking out of the authority’s office one looks onto beautiful green hills.  It could not be more picturesque.  Thus far the description of the procedure.

I did not have to wait at all.  After a few formalities my car drove through the four stations, everything was okay and I then had to wait 15 minutes to get the certification.  Perfect.  Then I had the opportunity to admire the car behind me.  The rear right wheel looked a bit weak both the base and the coat (see picture).  But the MOT officials were real gentlemen today.  One could ask the question, if the car’s owner was an acquaintance…!?  I am not sure.  However, close your eyes and have safe journey./KDJ