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Once again a good report from our building bureau

Thanks to Udo Klemenz and his team

Dear Diospi Friends, 90% of the tiling works in the Operating Theatre Extension has been completed.  The lowest tile row can only be applied once the Terrazzo floor has been laid.  The arrival of the floor specialist has been delayed due to a Paro (a strike of the Campsinos) on the Panamericana: near Abancay they barricaded up the road for two whole days.

In the meantime all windows in the building have been glazed and the list of shortcomings for the roof has been dealt with by a subcontractor.

The kindergarten building site is now our main focus.  On Monday and Tuesday it was all (available) hands on deck as we concreted the foundation plate.  Our four hospital gardeners, an electrician and a male cleaner were also press-ganged and helped us making and applying 45m³ concrete.

Today the first delivery of bricks arrived and we could start with the masonry work.  I am intrigued to see how our two masons will come to terms with the small-format bricks.  Two carpenters have started encasing the concrete walls around the ramp.

Wishing you a relaxing and blessed weekend, Udo

The concrete can come!  We are ready!
A job to be done solely by strong men: a mere 45kg per sack
Starting to pour on the concrete.
Next door the kindergarten children are enjoying their playtime.
One packet of mixture makes three wheelbarrow loads.  Eight mixtures are roughly 1m³.
Drinking Inca Cola during a well-deserved break from concreting.
The first day’s work has been completed.
Exhausted after lugging sacks of concrete for a whole day.
Stabilising the lateral foundations of the railings..
The first delivery of Ladrillos (bricks).