On the road again – like in the good old days

The first presentation tour after the third wave

The number of incidences are – thank God – in freefall.  This evening missionary doctors John will board a plane in Lima in order to attend 11 public and non-public presentation appointments in Europe.  55 potential new members of staff, sympathisers and friends have registered for our Information Day upcoming Saturday.  On Sunday the organisation’s AGM is taking place.  Next week our home office has planned 6 presentations in western Germany.  Furthermore, Dr John will meet three companies based in Germany and Austria.

The above picture was taken in a church in eastern Saxony in September 2020.  A TV-team from ARTE attended the event.  In times of pessimism and grief the experiences of Diospi Suyana offer confidence and a spirit of optimism.

Six public talks in Germany.  Click on the above picture for more information.
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