Diospi Suyana is deeply indebted to the US-Americans


We pray that the Americans will have a positive election result on Tuesday

In the furthest corner of the Hospital Diospi Suyana stand several oxygen bottles.  They act as a back-up system, should the oxygen generators, which stand one floor above, fail.  The new compressor (in the centre of the photo) fills the bottles three times as fast as its predecessor.  Rix Industries, the company is based in California – sponsored them and paid for their transport to Diospi Suyana.  In August Dutch mechanic Oebele de Haan had the idea to ask the company for support.

The Dutchman knows the true value of this donation, hence his “thumbs-up”.  And building engineer Udo Klemenz has an inkling that oxygen is not unimportant.

Only insiders know that our O2-generators were also sponsored by the Americans.  The company Oxygen-Onsite is based in Connecticut on the East Coast.

One can think of the Americans whatever one wants to, but one thing is sure: many of them have a big heart for projects in the Third World.

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