In sleet and snow

On the way up

On my journey somewhere between Lake Constance and Reutlingen.  It is midnight and the sleet and snow falling steadily on my car send shivers down my back.  If I accelerated I would never arrive at my destination.  The way leads on and on.  My calendar is a never-ending chain of appointments and one solved task leads me immediately to face a new challenge.

When do we know: “We have made it”?  But who of us really wants to reach this point and say “That was it!”  Being in idle-mode in a nursing home is not a pleasant thought.  And who is looking forward to RIP under their own gravestone? No one.

So my thoughts wander upwards.  What will it be like in the reality that the Bible calls Heaven?  100% relaxation or thrill?  Will we then have reached our goal or just the first stage of a long journey?  We cannot know.

But we want to reach that place where tears and wailing are no more and peace and justice rule.  We experience the greatest feeling of happiness when we feel God’s presence.  Such a moment is having a glimpse of different a world through a crack in the door and it gives us the assurance that we will arrive home one day.  And there and then God will be waiting for us and say to us: “Brilliant, that you have finally come!” /KDJ

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