New Direction for Diospi Suyana USA

New Direction for Diospi Suyana USA

A 45 minute tele-conference sets new objectives

At precisely 2pm (EST) 4 participants began an international tele-conferencing call. In attendance were :

Olaf Boettger – Chairman of Diospi Suyana, Germany

Dr Roger Smalligan – President of Diospi Suyana, USA

Steve Deters – Secretary of Diospi Suyana, USA

Dr Klaus John – President of Diospi Suyana, Peru

Here outcome of the call are as follows :

1) The headquarters for Diospi Suyana USA will be relocated to Tennessee. The new postal address is : Diospi Suyana, USA

664 Liberty Church Road

Gray, TN, 37615


2) Mr Jim Miller will take over the role of treasurer.

3) The Diospi Suyana film will be translated into English.

4) Dr Klaus John will visit the USA in April/May 2009 holding speaking engagements with magazines, television channels, local clubs and churches.

Dr Charles Ferguson, also a member of Diospi Suyana USA, was unable to participate in the tele-conference, but send his regards via email.