Multitasking in the construction unit

Der Sand lider

Much to do

Dear Diospi Suyana friends and readers of the building report, as you read, the planning of the radio station is running at full speed.  However, this was not the only project this week. We have also been very busy with the waste water of the hospital.

Currently, the sewage runs into two separate sewage areas and sludge has to be evacuated when necessary. This is a functioning system, but not a long term solution, especially when the number of patients is increasing and we are planning on adding a radio station. A better solution would be to connect to the public sewage system. But for this, 311 meters of sewer pipe would have to be laid. Actually this would not be our job, but the town’s, but from previous experience this could take 5 years! When trying to connect the school to the public system we learned the promises of local politicians are of little value. It took over a year to get the work completed.

But this time everything has been different. After a meeting with the new mayor we were promised immediately that the city would help us with excavators and material. Amazingly, engineers came from city hall on Tuesday to measure the street and today they already have an excavator hear digging the ditch for the pipes. We give a big thanks to God for this uncomplicated cooperation of the city, because the alternative would have been to pay for everything ourselves.

Of course, we continue to work diligently at the school. So far, about 1000 m³ of sand and 250 m³ of earth have been distributed on the sports field. Grass seed has been sown over half of the field, but the remaining grass seed has not yet arrived in Curahuasi. The school garden continues to take shape, as seen in the photos.

I wish you a beautiful and blessed weekend, Johannes

Der Spatenstich fuer den Abwasserkanal
The cut with a backhoe for the sewer
Ein Lehrer bestaunt die kuenftige Trennwand fuer die Bibliotek
A teacher admires the future partition for the library.
Tim Zook Markus Johannes
Radio technician Tim Zook from the US, civil engineer Johannes Bahr, and electrical specialist Markus Rolli pour over the schematics of the proposed radio building.
Hier soll ein Obstgarten entstehen
The school garden will offer a fruit orchard.
Vom zukünftigen Lagerfeuerplatz erschließt sich der Schulgarten ueber eine Inkatreppe
From the future fireplace, the school garden with the Inca stairs.
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